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Silver Donald Cameron, Host and Executive producer of The Green Interview


What could be better than spending free time rambling around in the place you love most in the world, namely the place where you live? And if the place where you live is not your favourite place in the world, what the hell are you doing there?    

Marjorie Simmins, Author, journalist, teacher, speaker


Nobody knows more than Sandra Phinney and Melanie Chambers about the pleasures of exploring your own territory. So pleased that they are helping other people find that richness in their own communities and landscapes! 

Chef Michael Smith


“Canada’s backyard is packed with stories waiting to be told. Get out, find yours and tell the world!”

Gurdeep Ahluwalia, News Anchor, CP24 BREAKFAST


When daydreaming about travel, Canadians often overlook one of their best options: Canada. There’s SO MUCH to see and experience here, and the more we do, the more stories we’ll create about our great nation. I find whenever I travel abroad, I unintentionally become an ambassador for Toronto, and share rich stories with anyone who inquires – even some who don’t.