Backyard Musings #1 …

It’s spring! And we’re launching HeartSong Travel!

It’s all about discovering those “aha!” moments that inspire and bring us joy—-in other words, they make our hearts sing. And it’s all about finding those moments right in our own backyards.

Remember Rick Mercer’s famous last rant? He was bang-on when he encouraged Canadians to get out and explore Canada (in general) and our own backyards (in particular.)

So what defines our own backyard? Hey! That’s up to you. It could be a block from your front door or 100 km. In fact, you may find yourself in another province where your “backyard” happens to be where you are hanging out for awhile. The only caveat is that it has to be in Canada. (But do give some thought to getting up close and personal in your own ‘hood, whether that’s a remote part of the country, village, town, or city.)

Now—just GO.

Get out there. Eat something weird; talk to a stranger; explore a new part of town; take a leap of faith; have fun. Oh yeah: tell us about it, and remember to take a couple of photos!

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