Driving into the night between BC and YT
Finding a friend along the roadside
Family time

Whitehorse Yukon

The Northern Adventure

Paul Bailey

I never thought an almost 2500km drive could change my perspective on so many things, but that's exactly what it did. Two days from Vancouver, BC to Whitehorse YT, my eyes opened to the beauty and wonder that exists all around us.

It was the first time to see so many different vistas - from plains, to mountains, to jade coloured lakes, to forests to big sky - my view out the front windshield changing almost hourly. I also sat at the side of the road while wild bison, moose, deer, rams, bears and countless other animals sat leisurely sunning themselves either at the side of the hard surface "highway" (really nothing more than tar-covered stone in some areas) or on the roadway itself. I'd sit there for hours, just watching, reflecting, and taking it all in.

At that point, I realized that we're a part of such a big world. More importantly, that Canada has so much to explore and to offer those who want to look. I realized that we don't have to go beyond our own borders to see some of the most beautiful vistas and environments that the world has to offer. Most importantly, I also realized that we all need to slow down every once in awhile and take it all in. Things move quickly - but we don't always have to.