Fredericton New Brunswick

Heavenly invisible moments

Sandra Phinney

Picture this: My backyard for a few days is in Fredericton, NB and I’m staying at the lovely (and new-ish) Hilton Garden Inn located smack downtown.

First day, I get up at 6 a.m., head out to do some interviews and photo shoots, and am dog-tired by the time I return. It’s around 4 p.m., and I’m hankering for a Cappuccino. Just don’t have the energy to scoot around the city to find a coffee shop. So I go to the dining room and peer into the kitchen where I see a young chef is prepping stuff for dinner. I ask, “What are chances of getting a Cappuccino?”

He grins, says, “Hold on.”

Enter head server. I ask the question again, adding, “And I’d love to take it to my room.”
He says, “Let’s see what I can do,” pirouettes, and disappears.

While he’s gone, I walk around the dining room. A water glass catches my eye. And another. And another. They all have curly-cue things imbedded in the glass. Only it’s not a design in the glass, it’s a reflection from some crazy lighting fixtures on the ceiling. I am mesmerized.

The dining room is full of these reflections. It was surrealistic. Bloody good thing there was no-one around to see me going nose-to-nose with a bunch of water tumblers taking macro shots.

When chap comes back with Cappuccino in hand, I realize that my wallet is in my room on the 6th floor. I feel silly and babble something about not having a cent on me but I’ll be back for dinner later and could I put that on my dinner tab?

“Of course!” he says, “And let me know what you think of the Cappuccino. It’s a new machine—and the first time I’ve made one.” I take a quick sip, grin, and give him a thumb’s up.

Back in my room I realize that he doesn’t have a clue what my name is, if I’m actually staying here, or if I really will be back.

Postscript: Yes, I returned to the restaurant in the hotel—The Pickle Jar—later that evening for dinner. Remember the fellow who made that Cappuccino earlier? Meet Talmadge Arthur, who tells me Talmadge is a Scottish name. Check out his photo! (Click on the arrow to the right of the glass photo.) I should have asked him to move a tad to his right and he'd have a halo above his head. He deserves one.