Your HeartSong Travel Stories

Bear River,
Nova Scotia

The Floating Village

Katie McDonald

Waking up in the village came with an ominous fog covering the river and casing the town. As the sun broke through, the roads quickly filled with cars and people, nodding and saying hello as they passed.

The small village of Bear River is often…

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Annapolis Valley,
Nova Scotia

My first ploughing match

Anna Mallin

Some times excursions are purely exploratory. You set off in the spirit of adventure, knowing that a first visit is just that—an introduction; an opportunity to be introduced to a new department of information; and, if one is lucky, a chance to meet …

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Nova Scotia

Fast and free on the Halifax Harbour

Margo MacGregor

The summer of 2018 in Dartmouth was hotter than any summer I could remember and work was taking over my life. Little time was left for playing in nature. I needed to do something fun, different, and to enjoy the beautiful summer days before they were g…

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Raynardton, Yarmouth County,
Nova Scotia

Strawberries and Snakes

Sandra Phinney

Around noon on a perfect sky-blue day, daughter Margo MacGregor and our twin grand daughters Ellie and Lucy set off to the annual Strawberry Festival at the Lake Vaughn Fire Hall—a mere ten minutes from my home.

I can't believe that I've…

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