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We are looking for stories that are concise, intelligent and clear. The tone will be uplifting and your story will reveal an insight—something you discovered or learned. Surprise us!

So what defines our own backyard? Hey! That’s up to you. It could be a block from your front door or 100 km. In fact, you may find yourself in another province where your “backyard” happens to be where you are hanging out for awhile. The only caveat is that it has to be in Canada. (But do give some thought to getting up close and personal in your own ‘hood, whether that’s a remote part of the country, village, town, or city.)

How to Participate

Send us your story of 200-600 words and 1-3 three photos.

(Landscape/horizontal JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) photos best, but not imperative’ max. size 2 MG.)

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we will proofread and copyedit before posting with your photos—usually 10-14 days after submission. NOTE: Any story/photos with inappropriate content will not be published.
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