Backyard travel project

Want to set up a HeartSong Travel project? Here are a few suggestions to get up close and personal with your own ‘hood:

1. Decide what target area is going to be. Could be within a block, 1 km or 100 k from where you live.

2. Broadcast far and wide what you plan to do; invite someone to join you.

3. Solicit suggestions via Facebook, your email contacts, and Listservs.

4. Ask the locals for their favourite off-the-beaten-track places to visit. They know where the best beaches and bean suppers are, or where there’s an awesome pop up restaurant or where to buy funky antiques.

5. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Make new friends.

6. Stretch your comfort zone: swim in the nude! Pat a python! Go sky diving! Cruise your ‘hood at 2 a.m. (or do a dark sky walk in the woods!)

7. Ask people to show you how they do things like: smoke fish, hunt for amethyst, repair a bike, paint a car, read the stars, make Lebanese food, whistle, make origami, do a little graffiti … you get the picture!

8. Read posters on power poles/windows/bulletin boards; read the events section in local newspapers.

9. Find experts in a field you are interested in and tag along.

10. Exercise the muscles that make you smile. Practise laughing. Repeat numbers 1-10 until you get the hang of it.